Raw material: straw


Today many people are looking for an alternative to overpriced fuel: some use wind, others use sun or energy of water. As for us, it’s the blessing of God that we implement straw briquetting, since Ukraine has virtually unlimited straw resources.

Straw has long been differently applied in housekeeping: as insulation, bedding for cattle, sometimes as feed for cows, cover for houses and in brick manufacture…

Currently all these ways of applying straw are not practically used, because they are outdated. And this is at a time when production of grain, and, therefore, waste continues to grow! Accordingly, today straw is the main issue of after-harvest soil preparation. Elementary statistics: there are over one and half tons of waste per ton of harvested and processed rice, about two tons of waste after processing a ton of wheat and over six tons of waste after processing a ton of corn!

This problem could not so far been solved: straw was turned into the soil or left to rot in the fields. However, because of extremely hot weather straw has often been the cause of huge fires, especially in the southern regions of Ukraine.

On average, a kilogram of straw yields about 3 kW/h of energy. This means that from 3 kg of straw we get the same amount of energy as from a liter of diesel oil or a cubic meter of natural gas. Straw is just a dime a dozen. Even if you have to buy it for heating, its cost is still at least five times lower than the cost of diesel fuel with equivalent energy intensity.

However, it is impractical thing to burn straw bales because of low efficiency of plants (straw is of low density and relatively high humidity) and inconvenience due to their large sizes. Therefore, straw briquetting is today the most rational. Sometimes straw briquettes are even superior to wood briquettes in calorific value.

From the viewpoint of dictionaries and encyclopedias, not only to dry cereal stalks can be attributed to straw, but also stalks of beans, flax, hemp and other plants free from leaves, inflorescence and seeds.

Straw briquetting makes it a universal fuel for consumers used in houses, farms and industries.

Straw briquetting can solve the problem of storage regardless of season (under certain conditions briquettes can be stored almost during unlimited amount of time), warehousing, transportation and automated load.

Today, straw briquetting and processing of other plant recycled resources are virtually unoccupied niches in Ukrainian business, which have broad prospects both in domestic and foreign market. Supply of finished products (pellets) is much more profitable than sale of raw materials. Therefore, purchase of straw briquetting equipment, such as hit-mechanic presses, dryers and shredders, is an important issue for any quite large agricultural enterprises, especially in the south of Ukraine. Ukrainian equipment of PE “Bryketuiuchi Tehnologii” can also solve the issue of counseling, maintenance, repair and configuration of briquetting lines.